2021 First Annual HS Training Retreat

Healing the Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Chronic Conditions

Healing the Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Chronic Conditions

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Dates: August 6th & 13th, 2022

Venue: Live online course, 8 total hours

Hours:  9:00 am - 1:00 pm Pacific time each day

Class Recording Provided! 

This class covers the ability to find and clear trauma, emotions, beliefs, vows, intentions, frozen emotional fields and spiritual attachments. Course objectives include learning about:

  • The role of dissociation and trauma in chronic conditions
  • The role of the unconscious and how it runs 90% of our behavior
  • What a “frozen emotion” is and their role in dis-ease
  • Properly clearing spiritual attachments so they do not return
  • What symptoms mean and the intentions they express
  • The definition of spiritual consciousness and what it has to do with healing
  • Good practitioner self-care practices
  • Due to the advanced nature of the course material, you must be HS Proficient, meaning that you have passed the written and verbal exams for Level 1 of the HS Practitioner Mastery Program
  • Successfully completed Dr. Carolee Johnson's Level 2A class, The Nuts and Bolts for Getting to the Core of Chronic Issues, in the event that you are progressing through the HS Mastery Program towards Level 2 certification
  • Symptom Intention List
  • Chronic Illness teleclinic series
  • Parts Manual – free via email from the back office after class registration
If someone has not earned the HS Proficient title or attended the Level 2A course, they may still attend this class with the purchase of the product prerequisites for the 3 HS Mastery program classes preceding this Level 2B class, in addition to purchasing:


Level 2B was a great class hosted by Beth. She has incredible passion for this work and it is evident in her teaching. Her knowledge on all aspects of healing is remarkable. This class focused on the non-physical aspect of healing chronic conditions and we covered a range of topics. It was a terrific class!   Sarah