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Miasm Scan

Miasm Scan

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The Miasm Scan helps to clear acquired or genetic miasms. What is a miasm? A miasm is a vibrational frequency that constitutes a deep susceptibility or predisposition to specific disease states. These frequencies can be inherited from one’s ancestors or acquired during one’s own lifetime. Miasms can exist on the cellular and emotional level. When this scan is done properly, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and stress reduction, a miasm is either rendered ineffective, eliminated, or becomes dormant.  
Run time:  62 minutes

Product content:  In this video, Beth Daniel Jones demonstrates how to perform a miasm scan with a specific chronic health issue. You will also receive handouts with this product purchase.

*Material in the Umbrella Scan and Detoxification & Methylation Support Scans product is required knowledge in order to benefit from the Miasm Scan.*

Prerequisites (What you need to know before purchasing this product?):

  1. Completion of the Level 1A BHS Mastery Program Bring In The Light Of Truth Thru Muscle Testing class
  2. Completion of the Level 1B BHS Mastery Program Finding Blocks to Healing and Bringing in the Light class
  3. Cell Surface Receptor Scan
  4. Umbrella Scan and Detoxification & Methylation Support Scans


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  2. Cell Surface Receptor Scan
  3. Curtain Scan
  4. Seat of Consciousness Scan
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  6. Advanced Trauma Scan & Treatment
  7. Spiritual Attachments
  8. Umbrella Scan and Detoxification & Methylation Support Scans

This scan originated from Quantum Techniques in 2017. As of September 2020, Best Healing Solutions has modified and added significant content to this product.