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Reconnection Scan

Reconnection Scan

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This video teaches the BHS student the full Reconnection Scan, including how to create the treatment field and autonomic balance. Testing tips and examples are shared. All of the charts provided are the same ones used in all BHS advanced scans.

Note: There are some charts being used in the video by Beth and Stephen that are not available as part of the download of this product due to copyright restrictions, however, all pertinent information is included in the charts available to you.

Prerequisite: Mastery of material in Truth Techniques or Module 1A: Bring in The Light of Truth Thru Muscle Testing class is recommended.

Run Time: 46 minutes

This is a Quantum Techniques product. Quantum Techniques (QT) products are sold for personal and non-commercial use with permission.  Quantum Techniques materials are protected by copyright and other laws; all rights reserved.  Quantum Techniques disclaims any liability based on information provided by the Best Healing Solutions website.