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Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

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Part 1: Dr. Tom Miller and Heidi Gilman discuss Lyme Disease and Best Healing Solutions.  Dr. Tom Miller has battled with Lyme Disease for 20 years and Heidi’s daughter Misty, has been treated for Lyme Disease for 11 years, since age 10.  Both have used numerous medications and treatments including traditional western medicine, alternative medicine techniques and numerous food supplements.  Tom and Heidi have been searching for answers to the battles of Lyme Disease which is what ultimately brought them to QT. Tom and Misty have both had a new level of healing that they had not been able to achieve with other therapies.  Three codes are given to help with symptoms of brain fog, immune system and fatigue.

Duration: 70 minutes    Includes Transcript: 29 Pages

Part 2: In this teleclinic Dr. Tom Miller and Heidi Gilman discuss detoxification issues and protocols that they have found helpful in dealing with Lyme Disease.  From their experience it seems that many people have a hard time clearing toxins from their body during their Lyme Disease treatment. The bacterial die-off products and the body's immune response overwhelm the detoxification pathways and lead to the symptoms of toxicity:  ringing in the ears; headaches; body aches; chills; sweats; fatigue; diarrhea; and swollen lymph nodes. Many of these symptoms are similar to the symptoms of the disease itself.

Duration: 81 minutes  Includes Transcript: 32 Pages

Part 3: In part 3 of this teleclinic Dr. Tom Miller and Heidi Gilman discuss some of the non-physical aspects of Lyme Disease. Recognizing and working to resolve these issues can be extremely helpful in getting effective results with any Lyme Disease treatment. Tom and Heidi will also discuss the body's ability to rebuild after chronic illness. The following codes will be given: creating awareness and boundaries for non-physical parasites; staying in the present moment with gratitude; permission to let go; and energy and qi building. There will be time for questions and answers at the end of the teleclinic. 

Duration: 77 minutes    Includes Transcript: 28 Pages

Presented by: Dr. Tom Miller and practitioner Heidi Gilman

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