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Level 3: BHS Advanced Scans

Level 3: BHS Advanced Scans

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*** Availability of this exclusive product is limited to Level 2 BHS Certified students only ***

Level 3 Advanced Scans consists of nearly 5 hours of video of BHS company founder Beth Daniel Jones teaching new, advanced information to two Level 2 BHS Certified students.

It includes the following topics:
  1. Stroke Protocol
  2. Concussion Protocol
  3. Unilateral Muscle
  4. Pathogen Anxiety
  5. Parathyroid Issues
  6. Test for Individual Sutures
  7. Pathways for Treating Cancer
  8. Antigen Activity Scan
Corresponding handouts included as a part of this product are:
  • BHS Concussion Protocol
  • BHS Antigen Activity Scan
  • Umbrella Scan w/Known and Unknown Spokes
  • BHS Hormone Chart
  • Immune Pathways
  • New Way to Treat Cancer w/BHS
  • Dr. Susan Godman's article The Lunar Cycle and its Effects on Hormone Balance