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Internal Parts Advanced Teleclinic Series

Internal Parts Advanced Teleclinic Series

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This is a collection of the Advanced Teleclinic Series on Parts. It contains all 6 sections of the Internal Parts series, as well as the outline guide for each teleclinic.

Hosted by:  Beth Daniel Jones, MA, EdS & Dr. Stephen Daniel 

Part 1 An introduction to internal parts and how they are created and maintained.

Duration: 82 Minutes    Includes Transcript: 26 pages

Part 2 The role of Parts and Dissociation in Chronic illness.  The first part of "What do symptoms mean?" and an example of how to use the HS release technique on a specific symptom.

Duration: 84 Minutes    Includes Transcript: 26 pages

Part 3 More on the use of "What do symptoms mean?"

Duration: 76 Minutes    Includes Transcript: 26 pages

Part 4 This teleclinic contains 18 specific techniques for working with inner parts.

Duration: 80 Minutes    Includes Transcript: 24 pages

Part 5 This teleclinic contains 15 advanced techniques for working with inner parts.

Duration: 71 Minutes    Includes Transcript: 23 pages

Part 6 Common myths and taboos for working with healing inner parts.

Duration: 74 Minutes    Includes Transcript: 24 pages

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