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Fungal Infections

Fungal Infections

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In Part 1, Beth Daniel Jones, MA, EdS & Dr. Stephen Daniel offer this teleclinic to teach you how to find and clear fungal infections that block the body's attempts at healing. Fungal infections have been found in well over 90% of the clients we have worked with over the years and are a major contributor to chronic illness and health issues. Both physical and non-physical components of fungal infections are discussed. Additionally, many codes are given to treat specific fungal issues.

Content includes how to find and address fungal infections:
  •  What is a fungal infection? 
  •  What is the role of fungal infections in poor health?
  •  What are the non-physical aspects of a fungal infection?
  •  We will show you how to test for fungal infections in the body.
  •  We will give you multiple codes to treat specific fungal infections in different areas of the body.
  •  We will teach you how to specifically test foods for fungal issues and how to test dietary intolerance for fungal infections.
  •  The three levels of gluten intolerance will be described.
  •  We will share an anti-fungal diet that will speed up your healing.
Hosted by:  Beth Daniel Jones, MA, EdS & Dr. Stephen Daniel 
Duration: 74 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 18 Pages

In Part 2, senior practitioner Dr. Carolee Johnson talks about clearing fungal related blood sugar issues, and other chronic complications using Best Healing Solutions, and how things like diabetes and it's many complications can be connected to fungus. Codes are given to help clear fungus and fungal related complications of diabetes.

Hosted by: Dr. Carolee Johnson, ND, MH
Duration: 60 Minutes      Includes Transcript: 21 Pages

In part 3 of this teleclinic series, senior practitioner Dr Carolee Johnson presents an anti-fungal diet plan and a supplement program to rid the body of fungus.  Also, you learn how to personalize your diet for yourself using BHS. 

Hosted by: Dr. Carolee Johnson, ND, MH
Duration: 60 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 18 Pages

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