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Food Toxins and Intolerances

Food Toxins and Intolerances

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We discuss the following topics in this teleclinic series: why food testing is so important and how to do it accurately; how to test foods correctly against different issues (such as food intolerances, histamine reactions, inflammation and more); why food sensitivities are up significantly and what to do about it; when it is appropriate to clear a food so it can be eaten again; comments on specific food groups and health (including a definition of nightshades); physical issues that contribute to food sensitivities and how to heal them; non-physical issues that contribute to food sensitivities and how to heal them; and how to create a sacred space around eating.  Two codes are given to increase the body's immune response to help heal food sensitivities.  

Part 1 Duration: 70 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 24 Pages
Part 2 Duration: 75 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 27 Pages

Bonus with this Collection: Testing Foods Made Simple Teleclinic
QT practitioner Jody King Colegrove explains in detail the 6 different ways to test foods so that you know exactly what you need to eat for your body to stay healthy.  She also gives an example of a daily routine to check in with yourself to make sure your codes are 100% on line & working.

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