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Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness

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Ninety-five percent or more of our clients come to Best Healing Solutions with chronic illness. Some have failed to reach their healing goals using multiple traditional and alternative medical therapies. Best Healing Solutions may provide someone a significant healing response to chronic illness. Best Healing Solutions does this by addressing the whole person: energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and relational (we do not address the disease or affliction, per se).

The description of what is Included in the collection is as follows: Parts 1 - 4 primarily focus on the many physical issues BHS addresses in chronic illness. In addition, a model is presented for the four levels of self. Part 2 is a continuation of Part 1, and Part 3 is a continuation of Parts 1 and 2, with additional resources presented. Part 4 is a continuation of Parts 1 - 3 and concludes the physical part of the BHS scans for chronic illness.  Part 5 provides a complete and extensive presentation of the consciousness and spiritual issues addressed in the four levels of self. An explanation is given for how energy healing techniques can allow you to access the higher levels of yourself for healing. Part 6 is a continuation of Part 5 and includes a discussion of why we need a discontinuity of our past known self for healing to be instantaneous. Part 7 is a continuation of Parts 5 and 6, while Part 8 is a continuation of Parts 5 - 7. Part 9 is a continuation of Parts 5 - 8.

  •  Part 1 Duration: 78 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 20 Pages
  •  Part 2 Duration: 80 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 21 Pages
  •  Part 3 Duration: 28 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 17 Pages
  •  Part 4 Duration: 50 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 24 Pages
  •  Part 5 Duration: 83 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 16 Pages
  •  Part 6 Duration: 71 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 21 Pages
  •  Part 7 Duration: 73 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 21 Pages
  •  Part 8 Duration: 73 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 20 Pages
  •  Part 9 Duration: 70 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 19 Pages
Presented by:  Beth Daniel Jones, MA, EdS & Dr. Stephen Daniel

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