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Introduction to BHS Healing Thru Muscle Testing: Live Online Class

Introduction to BHS Healing Thru Muscle Testing: Live Online Class

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Learning to self-test during uncertain times is more important than ever. A live online class via Zoom that opens up a world of possibilities for health and well being

Dates: October 12th and 19th

Venue: Live online course

Hours: 4 hours of education

October 12  Thu 2 - 4:00 pm Pacific

October 19  Thu 2 - 4:00 pm Pacific

Class Recording Provided! 



  • Very complete testing on multiple levels for foods, supplements, and any environmental substances that your body considers toxic
  • How to test for and clear physical reactions
  • To test on others: family, friends, clients, whether near or far
  • To be accurate and consistent
  • Personalized attention with small class sizes

Student Testimonials:

"I want to share it with everyone I know!" Bryan VanSickle

"This class was exactly what I both needed and expected. Kalyani was a great teacher ... so patient and articulate! The course notes she provided were clear and well thought out and the Zoom recordings are already downloaded so I can replay and reinforce. If you’ve ever considered how to learn muscle testing, this intro course is for you!" Nancy, New York City

"Kalyani's class was amazing!! I learned so much over a short class period. Her ability to explain complex processes and concepts in ways that were easy to grasp made the class flow very naturally. I appreciated going over things and practicing them together so that everyone was on the same page. The group felt cohesive and the individual care she gave to all the students was appreciated. Her natural healing abilities coupled with the obvious knowledge she has of the work was highlighted in the class. Kalyani taught with grace, precision, confidence and some humor. I truly enjoyed the class and retained information because of the clear way it was presented and structured. Can't wait for more!"  Vala Stimson class of Aug 2020, Seattle, USA

"Kalyani advised me to take her class Bring in the Light of Truth, so I could do some testing and clearing work myself in addition to using the universal clearing codes. I'm very happy I participated in her class! Kalyani is a wonderful teacher who nicely and clearly coached us through all of the manual testing methods. So I learned to test for the toxins myself, and all kinds of products that could make me weaker, like laundry soap or shampoo, and how to clear them. She gave all of the participants personal attention, so everyone could experience for themselves how it could make them feel better in a short time and also to see and learn the techniques more accurately. I like the meditation she gave us to come into the right mood for testing. I'm doing it often because it is bringing me into my heart and being well connected to the Earth. To my joy I experienced that everything I learned in this class was really working when I do it myself. It's a big help to clear pressure on my lungs, bowel pain or toxic energy from people, for example. It's so helpful to have tools now to use for myself when I'm not feeling well."  Savita from The Netherlands, Europe

"The class was very informative. The instructor, Kalyani was knowledgeable and very encouraging, even the classmates were supportive of each other. Highly recommend for anyone interested in a helpful and healthy well-being course." George K

"Kalyani is a very kind, upbeat and patient teacher! She had everyone participate and she kept the class on track. Well done and Mahalo Kalyani!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" Connie B

"This class was amazing! What I learned is invaluable! Thank you!" SJ, USA

"I felt like the class was very interactive for an online class. Kalyani is very knowledgeable, kind and helpful as everyone is figuring out their style for muscle testing. I learned a lot about how to clear my energy so that my testing would be more accurate. I feel confident that with some more practice I will be able to use muscle testing to help myself, my family and others feel better. Thank you!" RG, Utah